What’s This About?

If you don’t own the platform where your content is published, you risk losing it.

I had a Facebook account for several years. I uploaded photos, told jokes, and published hot takes. One day, I woke up, and my account was closed. No explanation (other than a vague email saying I’d violated “community guidelines”), no recourse. Everything I’d published there was gone.

Everything I publish on social media begins its life on this site, which I control. This is the canonical copy of everything.

Go and do likewise.

If you want help setting something like this up, get in touch.

You’ll likely find images, code snippets, short Tweet-length blurbs, the odd longer post, etc., during your travels here. Comments are enabled, but you’ll need a real email address and comments will be strictly moderated. I reserve the right to delete any comment I like for any reason (or no reason). My sandbox, kiddos.

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